Do you provide free demo before purchase?

Yes, you can check the performance of our indicators on our live 24/7 YouTube stream video, or send us the name, pair of your preferred coin, stock, currency, etc. we will send you the current status of the segment including our indicator's performance and signals


How do I get the indicator?

Right after the successful payment you will be redirected to the page where you will get the links of indicators (invite only script links on tradingview) with step by step user manual.


What about the cost of indicators?

Keeping Client demands in mind we provide different membership plans click here to see the all plan details


How can i request for refund?

Please visit the refund policy 


How to use the indicator after purchase?

Please visit the setup and guide page 


Do i need experience for trading using these indicators?

No, we made indicator which will gives you the buy or sell signals, simply follow the signals and watch yourself growing.


On which trading platform I can use indicators?

We made indicators for tradingview