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Primary and Support indicators

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No Need Of Any Prior Technical, Fundamental Knowledge Just Follow Our Indicators Which Will Gives Highly Accurate Signals Through Most Complex Confirmation And Filtering Systems For Forex, Stocks And All Other Segments. Our Indicators Are Easy To Use And Simple To Understand, A Newbie Can Be A Professional Trader With The Help Of Our Powerful Indicators Created Using Most Powerful, Accurate Technical Analysis Methods. Make Profit From Forex, Stocks And All Other Segments With The Help Of Our Best And Accurate Buy/Sell Signal Indicator Created By Technically Experienced Engineers In Trade Analysis.

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After Years Of Experience In Trading We Have Created Very Powerful Trading Indicators Which Will Track The Overall Market Activity Reduce Noises And Fake Trends And Gives You The Final Buy Or Sell Signal. You Can Use Our Indicators With A Free Tradingview Account And Setup Takes Just Minutes. Click Here To Create The Free Account On Tradingview

Maximize Your Trading Potential with the Help of BigBull's 10 Innovative Indicator

Buy / Sell Signal

This powerful indicator use technical analysis to identify potentially profitable trades by deep analyzing overall market data and use advanced algorithms to generate buy or sell signals

Support For Buy/Sell Signal

This indicator shows the average price over a specified number of periods, this is a support indicator to confirm buy and sell signals and trend direction and potential trend changes. 

Trend Cloud Indicator

This powerfull indicator is a tool that combines the signals from 6 different types of indicators working in background to provide a clearer picture of the trend.

Overbought oversold Indicator

This indicator compares the magnitude of recent gains to recent losses in order to measure overbought and oversold conditions and identify potential buying and selling opportunities.

Support and Resistance Indicator 

This Indicator will help you to identify key levels of support and resistance, making your decision  easier and strengthening the signals for entering trades and to set stop-loss and take-profit orders.

Buy / Sell suggestion Indicator

This powerful indicator use multiple indicators in background, technical analysis and various algorithms to generate signals and offer insights into market trends and potential trade opportunities

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